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Metabolic Weight Loss

Obesity is America's number one epidemic. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are directly correlated to obesity. It is well documented that a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are key factors in the prevention and management of these diseases.


Our metabolic weight loss program will address the “3 P’s” of sustainable weight loss. The Physical (what to/not to), The Physiological (the body’s chemistry, hormones, and how they work), and The Psychological (emotional eating and how to overcome it). The key is to address all three at the same time for massive success! 


The fact remains that 68% of the population in the U.S. is overweight. Dr. Rodriguez knows he can transform the community by helping with the two main causes of disease: nutritional deficiencies and toxicity in the body.






Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the plan?

The program is customized for each patient. It is a nutrition-based program, meaning you buy your own food. The program doesn’t require any shots or pills. It also doesn't require any calorie counting! The program is built to get your body in fat burning mode that can get you to lose up to 1 lb. per day! 


There will be a short detox/cleanse period for most patients. During the detox period the doctor may prescribe all-natural supplements to get your body in that optimal fat burning mode. 


2. Follow Up?

Most patients only need to come to the office once a month after the initial FREE consultation. Everything else can be done over the phone, by text or email. We are here to walk you through every obstacle!

3. Cost?

It depends. Many factors are considered in the pricing of the customized plan the doctor would build for you; how much weight you want to lose, medical history, and if you are on any medications. The doctor will discuss your options during your FREE consultation.


4. Insurance?

Insurance typically doesn't cover wellness weight loss programs. It covers lap band and other major surgeries, but the goal is to help you not get to that point. The good news is we have plenty of payment options to help you afford care. We also accept flex spending accounts, health savings accounts, and Care Credit.

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