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Why Atlas Alignment Is Key for Brainstem Function


For free flow of communication between the brain and body, the brainstem must be functioning properly. Normally the atlas helps to maintain this functionality. However, an atlas misalignment can have negative effects on brainstem function. Correcting the misalignment is vital so that nerve communication can flow freely.

Why Atlas Alignment Is Vital for Proper Skull Alignment


Since the skull sits directly atop the atlas, even the slightest misalignment can affect the entire body and brain. It controls the alignment of the entire spine as well as the hips and shoulders. If the atlas is misaligned, the entire body responds in an attempt to keep the head held up properly.

Upper Cervical Care - A Modern Innovation in Atlas Alignment


Upper Cervical Care is a true innovation in the field of chiropractic and overall health in general. Safe ways of aligning just the atlas bone have been developed. Thus, corrections can be gently and safely applied to relieve problems throughout the spine and body.

Upper Cervical Care is Safe and Effective

Some may wonder: What is the difference between Upper Cervical Care and general chiropractic manipulation? The primary differences are in the safety and precision of the adjustment.

  • Upper Cervical Care does NOT involve cracking, twisting, or popping of the spine.

  • Upper Cervical Care is safe for all ages—from infants to the elderly.

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“I Began my adjustments to see if any corrections could be made to my scoliosis. I was skeptical but kept an open mind. after just a few visits with Dr. Rodriguez i realized his desire to make others healthy and happy was truly great and I decided to confide in him. I told him about my 5yr struggle to get off antidepressants.


Dr. Rodriguez encouraged me and said that with time and adjustments I would be successful. 5 months later, I am antidepressant free and excited about me accomplishment! ”​


Andrea R.

"For 30 + yrs I have suffered with neck/back pain from scoliosis. I saw several different chiropractors with no real relief from discomfort. Dr. Rodriguez unique care has provided much needed correction and diminished symptoms.

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Rodriguez, as he is totally committed to the complete well being of his patients!


Walter K.

" When I went to see Dr. Rodriguez i really didn't think there was much hope for me. I could not sit through a church service or a movie: not just because of the pain , but my legs would go numb and I could not walk when I got up. By the end of each day I was in a wheelchair. Years of trying different procedures, therapies and medications none of which gave more than a short term relief. My daughter was the one who convinced me to see Dr. Rodriguez: but there is no question that the lord was using his guiding hand. I am no longer in pain 24/7. I now have a new list of things I want to achieve, walks with my granddaughter, playing with my grandson, or picking up my one year old great grand daughter up from the floor. Dr. Rodriguez has not only helped me physically, but mentally and spiritually. I no longer feel as if I am limping toward a wheelchair everyday.. but slowly I am walking away from one.


Sue M

"I met Dr. Rodriguez at a stress workshop arranged and provided by my employer. I attended, knowing that I needed help With my levels of stress thinking that they were all internal... emotional, worrying depression etc. the information provided at the workshop was intriguing, I jumped at the chance to see him in office.  

Dr. Rodriguez adjusted my atlas and the response from my body was instantaneous. There was such a rush of relief I was momentarily dizzy. then in a breath, all the tension that I had been holding for years, just evaporated from me. I slept that night. Something I had not done since before my 9 yr old daughter was born.


Ronnie S

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