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Dr. J.H. Rodriguez is certified by The American College of Physical Medicine in neuropathy and chronic intractable pain. His passion for neuropathy comes from the loss of his mother who was a diabetic. She suffered immensely the last 18 months of her life with neuropathy which, along with her diabetes diagnosis, spurred his passion for overall health. 


Since her initial diagnosis, he has made it his life's goal to help Restore Hope by Creating Health. Our all natural neuropathy program helps our patients get back to doing what they do best. Living their lives to their fullest potential. 

Dr. J.H. Rodriguez

Dr. Joe Henry Rodriguez was born and raised in Beeville, Texas.  He was very involved in sports and recreational activities such as FCA and student council in High School. He attended Bee County College for two years in search of his calling.


Corpus Christi State University was his next venture and between his junior and senior year, was injured playing basketball.  This injury was both brutal and a blessing! This is how he found chiropractic and chiropractic found him! Dr. Rodriguez felt in his heart (moved by the spirit) to bypass his senior year and immediately go to chiropractic college.


Dr. Rodriguez received his doctorate from Parker Chiropractic College and has been licensed in Texas since February 1998. 


He has extensive training in corrective care chiropractic techniques such as Thompson, Gonstead, CBP (chiropractic biophysics) and advanced certification in Orthospinology (upper cervical).  Dr. Rodriguez also takes care of pregnant moms, pediatrics and geriatrics.


Dr. Rodriguez is considered a principled chiropractor meaning that he believes the body has an incredible, inborn, innate intelligence to heal……that it needs no help, just no interference.  The upper cervical care is unique and can have a global affect (think of Christopher Reeve) not just with headaches, neck pain, migraines and allergies but on stress hormones.  Dr. Rodriguez believes you are never too young or too old to get adjusted but the sooner you get checked, the sooner you can live the life God created you to have. 


His passion for nutrition came after his mother was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It just never made sense to him that the answer to his mothers diagnosis was always more meds, instead of a change of lifestyle.


His thought was, “if you lifestyle your way into disease, you should be able to lifestyle your way out of disease”.  Of course, other factors do apply but your lifestyle should be the first thing addressed. His mother was not the only one affected by poor direction, he has many family members that are not only overweight but taking unnecessary meds and two of his first cousins died in there 40’s. 


Dr. Rodriguez has also struggled with his weight, his mother called him “gordo”. Dr. Rodriguez is grateful for his calling to help people as he is now in his 50’s and on NO meds, he simply hopes to help people live a life where meds are not needed.

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